Our showroom is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. It provides a platform for us to showcase our extensive range of manufactured products and services, from Cooling Towers, Leak Detection, Cabinets, Cold Stores and all Plant options including Heat Pumps to Hydrogen burners. All play a crucial role in creating sustainable solutions for the built environment.

This new space has been designed to support our clients’ development, education and journey towards achieving net zero.

In addition to our own offerings, we have partnered with key suppliers who share our vision of achieving net zero development. Their cutting-edge technologies are showcased here, highlighting the collaborative efforts that drive sustainable progress within the industry.

Adjacent to our new showroom, we have built a dedicated training and innovation facility. Our goal is to foster continuous learning and development, equipping our staff and clients by sharing knowledge and best practices. Collectively driving progress towards a greener and more sustainable built environment.

At the heart of our business objectives lies a commitment to contribute towards a sustainable future. Our showroom and training facility represents our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation, sustainability, and client support.

Carter | Net Zero

Experience Net Zero: Tour Our Showroom Facility

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Let’s work together to shape a greener and more sustainable future for all.

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