Carter’s at Heart is an engineering group. This means we are involved in changes in the physical world. Whether that is manufacturing products, installation or service. We do this in a variety of locations. Our own factories, customers premises, building sites or travelling between these. As such, we have put in place a wealth of supporting measures.

Commitment to Health and Safety

We need to ensure we have the right employees with the necessary skills and training at the right place with the right tools and equipment to do their job safely and to meet our customer’s needs.

We understand the necessity of sustaining high standards in an ever-changing field and marketplace. With the constant review of our current and future legislative responsibilities, our Health & Safety and compliance teams ensure that both the company and our clients are exceeding expectations and setting excellent standards at all times. An example of our commitment is visible in our being awarded consecutive RoSPA Gold awards.

Safety Essentials

Our Safety Essentials are a set of rules that apply to everyone within our business. Their aim is to eliminate the causes of the most serious and common injuries, encouraging employees to think about an activity before undertaking it.

Safety is of the utmost importance. We are committed to identifying and reducing any safety risks associated with our work operations by improving how we reinforce safe behaviours with our employees and strengthening the accountability of management for ensuring safe behaviour.