Carter Synergy in Partnership with Tesco receives Highly Commended Award from the RAC Magazine. We were recognised at the annual Refrigeration Air Conditioning awards ceremony with a highly commended accolade for Retail Project of the year for the Multi-Rotary CO2 installation at Tesco Express Shaw.

For this award category, ‘Retail Project of the Year’ the criteria covers environmental advantages, emissions reductions, cooling performance, energy efficiency and leak containment with judges specifically looking for solutions that ‘push the boundaries, using novel methods or technologies’.

In 2016 Carter Synergy identified a market – reciprocating compressor equipped condensing units in the capacity of 10 – 50kW where the existing environmentally friendly products available were not financially viable for small format retailers when compared to low-cost mass-produced HFC units.

Carter Synergy has a distribution partnership with Green & Cool – a cutting edge CO2 plant manufacturer based in Sweden. Green & Cool had already pioneered the use of rotary compressors in small single compressor condensing units – these Green & Cool Coy Units have been successfully installed across most of Europe.

The Multi Rotary Compressor Pack builds on the tried and tested Green & Cool Condensing Unit (Coy) engineering and control, increasing capacity through the use of multiple compressors each equipped with an inverter and controlled by specially developed Green & Cool software to optimise energy efficiency across the duty range.

Tesco as a forward-thinking retailer conduct frequent trials of new technology, and the opportunity to install a Multi Rotary Compressor Pack was seized with enthusiasm.

The trial itself was set up as a straight forward refit with CO2 as the only refrigerant; fixtures were a mixture of open and doored cabinets along with a cold room evaporator.

Design of the refrigeration system was completed by the Carter Synergy Design Team with input from Green & Cool to ensure the installed pipework and control for this first UK MC Coy installation optimised the wider system performance aiding energy efficiency and reliability.

The system installation was completed in August 2017 and a performance report was written in January 2018 for initial feedback to Tesco

Summarising the trial report August – January:

  • Fixture availability – (100%)
  • Pack Alarms – (0)
  • Work Orders Raised – (0)
  • Energy Consumption – (-25%)

  • Compared to Tesco HFC installation of similar capacity.

Following their consideration, the Multi Coy is now the standard plant solution for all suitable Tesco Express stores.