Carter Thermal Industries Group is pleased to announce that effective 1st January 2021, Carter
Coldstore Systems has now been formally integrated into Carter Synergy Contracting.

Carter Coldstore Systems has previously been a trading name under the Carter Retail Equipment Ltd
banner for many years and this change brings the division into the Carter Synergy contracting arm.

This is now reflected in the new branding and name. This has come about to ensure all site related
installation activities are as efficient and coordinated as possible for all key clients.

As part of these changes, Mr Russell Garner has now formally been announced as head of Coldstores
and Case Installations at Carter Synergy. Russell has extensive industry experience, gained over 30
years working in the delivery of refrigeration and Coldstore projects across the United Kingdom.

Carter Synergy is a national provider of Refrigeration, mechanical, electrical and core building
services. Part of the Carter Thermal Industries Group, which is a British, family lead business that has
been providing engineering excellence globally for over 75 years.